Britney Spears Posted a Video Doing Yoga in a String Bikini—and Her Routine Looks Intense

Britney Spears may be on hiatus from her musical career, but she’s definitely not taking a break from her challenging fitness regimen. The “Piece of Me” singer loves to share her workout videos (and killer abs) on her Instagram page, and her latest post shows her doing an impressive acro yoga routine with her fitness guru boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Brit, 37, starts off balancing in the air on Sam’s feet before showing off her stellar backbend, shoulder stretch, and camel pose skills. And it just gets better. Britney put the high point of the video in her caption: “First time to walk on my hands up and down stairs,” she wrote. Definitely a cause for celebration.

The pop icon shared a similar video to Instagram last week, revealing in her post that it had been a whole year since she’d done gymnastics. That extended break didn’t appear to have affected her technique—although for a pro like Britney, there’s always room for improvement. “As you can see, my back is too stiff on my back walkovers,” she wrote.

If you’re ready to push your regular yoga practice to the next level and have an able and willing partner (FYI, this doesn’t have to be a fitness guru boyfriend), acro yoga could be the new challenge you’re looking for. The relatively new practice, started in 2003 by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer, combines yoga, acrobatics, and therapeutics, per AcroYoga Int’l.

If you pay close attention to Britney’s Instagram page (along with the rest of her 22.9 million followers), you can get real insight into how she stays physically fit. On October 8, she posted a selfie in a yoga studio in Maui, explaining that she “tried to start off by doing yoga” but “danced the first 20 minutes and let go.” The mom-of-two also revealed that she’s done “a lot of heat yoga” this year, but that she “overdid it.” “I prefer cardio and dancing now,” she wrote.

But acro yoga, cardio, and dancing aren’t all Britney does to keep fit. In June, she shared a workout video consisting of isolated, repetitive exercises such as tricep curls, side plank leg lifts, kicks, and squats.

Clearly, variety is key for this fitness devotee, and it’s working –– she looks strong and healthy. Plus, it’s refreshing to know that, just like the rest of us, Britney sometimes gets bored working out. Her solution? Headphones and a great playlist. “Music takes me away,” she wrote.

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1 year ago
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Kelsey Wells’ Arm and Shoulder Workout Is the Perfect Push-Up Alternative

Let’s face it, gym weight rooms can be daunting. Confusing equipment, massive barbells, guys with intimidating grunts—it can be overwhelming if you’re a weight-training newbie who is just looking for a simple way to strengthen and tone your arms. Don’t let those gym rats scare you off. In the video above, Kelsey Wells demos five basic arm workout moves that will make any gym beginner look like a pro...and leave the weight room feeling strong and powerful.

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Bicep Curl

Start in a standing position, holding dumbbells at your waist. Keep your elbows close to your sides as you begin raise your dumbbells to your chest, palms facing inward. Lower back down to starting position,...

1 year ago
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Autumn Calabrese’s 5-Move Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t need a gym membership or a home gym to stay in shape—not even a set of dumbbells. Don’t believe it? Autumn Calabrese is here to show you that your body weight is just as good as any piece of fitness gear when it comes to toning up and building strength. Take a look at the video above for five moves you can do anywhere, no props required.

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Lunge Pulses + Forward Fold Jump

Start with your feet together, arms at your chest. Step one foot backward and bend both legs to 90-degree angles for a double lunge. Pulse in the lunge twice, then straighten both legs and bend over your front leg to touch the ground. From there, bend both legs again in a double lunge, then spring up...

1 year ago
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Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Incredibly Toned Abs in New Instagram Photo

Is there anything Michelle Obama can’t do? The former first lady just showed off part of her exercise routine, and gave all of her fans some major gym inpso—and no, we're not talking about her super-toned arms this time.

On Sunday, Obama, 55, shared a photo of herself in a split-leg lunge while holding a medicine ball over her head, and proved that her hard work is paying off by giving her fans a peek at her impressive abs, by wearing a cute sports bra and leggings set. 

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“It doesn’t always feel good in the moment. But after the fact, I’m always glad I hit the gym,” she wrote in her caption, before asking her fans...

1 year ago
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J. Lo’s Abs Are On Fire in This Super Sweaty Gym Selfie

Let's just take a minute to appreciate Jennifer Lopez's abs, shall we?

On Sunday, J.Lo, 50, shared yet another photo showing off her super-toned (and super-famous) midsection. In the picture, J.Lo's wearing a yellow long-sleeved crop top, with a matching pair of gray leggins with yellow stripes, both from her workout line with Niyama Sol.  

"Sweaty SoLful Sunday’s," J.Lo captioned the post, adding the hashtag "#fallishere" to celebrate the changing seasons (and likely her autumnal athleisure outfit). But, killer abs and workout gear aside, one thing definitely stands out more than others in this picture: The fact that J.Lo is extremely sweaty. Like, so sweaty that you can picture her stepping right off of the treadmill and immediately snapping...

1 year ago
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Lady Gaga Shares Nude Photo in an Ice Bath for Her 'Post-Show Routine'—But Can That Really Help Recovery?

There's no denying that Lady Gaga is an icon—so whatever she does, the world pays attention; and her latest Instagram post is no different. 

In a series of pictures shared late Thursday night, Gaga documented how she unwinds after a show. (FYI: She's currently in residency in Las Vegas, with her show, Enigma.) "Post show routine," she wrote, captioning the pictures. "Ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20." Oh, and PS: Gaga looks totally nude in the first two photos. 

It’s not clear whether Gaga does this after every show or if she needed the extra rehabilitation due to a tumble off stage Thursday. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, fan footage shared to social...

1 year ago
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Jessica Biel x Gaiam Just Launched a New Collection—and I’m Obsessed With These Leggings

My leggings drawer is *so* stuffed, I can barely close it at this point. From tights with mesh inserts to pops of neon, I'm always on the lookout for the latest trends to add to my growing collection. And yet, I somehow find myself reaching for just a few tried-and-true pairs for workouts and weekend adventures. It's rare that a new legging comes along that convinces me to push my favorites aside, but that's exactly what happened when I was recently gifted the Gaiam x Jessica Biel Chelsea Pieced Hi Rise 7/8 Legging ($110,

It was seriously love at first tight (okay, sight—you know what I was trying to do there). The leggings were mostly black with dark blue accents down the leg, making them the perfect neutral and...

1 year ago
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