Chandrasekhar Azad - Indian revolutionary

Oct 7, 2021 am31 06:00am

Chandrasekhar Tiwari, Chandrasekhar additionally spelled Chandrashekhar or Chandra Shekhar, (conceived July 23, 1906, Bhabra, India—passed on February 27, 1931, Allahabad), Indian progressive who coordinated and drove a band of aggressor youth during India's freedom development.

Azad was brought into the Indian public development at a youthful age. When caught by the police at age 15 while taking part in Mohandas K. Gandhi's noncooperation development (1920–22) at Banaras (presently Varanasi), he gave his name as Azad (Urdu: "Free" or "Freed'') and his location as "jail." Although due to his age he was not detained, he was given a serious beating by the police. The Indian National (Congress Party) before long lionized him, and he acquired popularity among the Indian public. 

Azad was baffled by Gandhi's suspension of the Non-Cooperation development in February 1922, after a few police officers had been killed by a progressive crowd at Chauri Chaura. Joining the extreme Hindustan Republican Association (HRA), Azad took part in a few savage violations, notably the Kakori train burglary (1925) and the vengeance killing of a British cop (1928).