The 7 Best Workout Apps You Need to Try

It seems like every day there’s a new workout app in the app store. And with so many influencers, trainers, and brands partnering on social for promotional purposes, it’s never quite clear who has actually used an app and which apps are really worth the download. (We get it—it can be hard to take anyone’s word seriously when there may be financial incentives involved.)

So Health decided to jump in to help by spending a couple weeks testing out a slew of the workout apps offered. We weeded through the paid and free subscriptions to find out which apps will help you reach your fitness goals. Here’s our list of the best workout apps.

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Tone It Up

As a planner,...

5 months ago
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Mandy Moore Is Obsessed With This Fossil Sport Smartwatch—and so Are We

Mandy Moore is constantly serving us major inspiration, whether it’s by changing it up with a new chopped hairstyle, rocking a fashionable athleisure sweatshirt, or getting real about going to therapy. Not to mention, we love the fact that she’s so transparent about mental health on her Insta.

Recently, the This Is Us star posted her weekend sweat session to Instagram stories showcasing a workout accessory we’re dying to get our hands on: a blush pink fitness tracker. “Making time to get my fitness goals done with my fossil sport smartwatch,” she captioned her photo. 

“Lets you track your heart rate, track your workout (even swimming), customize your dial and more,” Moore added, posting another up-close picture of her...

5 months ago
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