5 Exercises You Should Do to Avoid Injuries After 40

There are some things that get better with age: Cheddar cheese, cast iron skillets, and especially Jane Fonda. One thing not on the list, though, is our joint health. Seriously, how often have you heard—or maybe you’ve said it yourself—"Ooh, my aching joints!"  

That’s because as we age, joint mobility tends to wane—thanks to a combo of nine-to-five desk jobs, lounging on the couch, and poor posture when we use our phones and computers. Joint mobility is our ability to access all the ranges of motion within our joints, explains physical therapist and certified strength and condition specialist Grayson Wickham, founder of Movement Vault, a mobility and movement company.

The consequences of limited joint mobility?...

2 months ago
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This 9-Week Squat Challenge Gave Me a Butt I'm Finally Proud Of

I’m not your average exerciser. I grew up playing varsity sports (soccer, swimming, more soccer). I played on a nationally ranked rugby team in college. And I now CrossFit six days week. I have shapely arms and a strong core–yet, I hate my tush. (And I hated it even when my parents still called it my "patootie”.)

It’s the butt my relatives used as an excuse to kick me off their laps. “It’s too bony!” they'd say. The butt whose absence became even more apparent when I started strength training, the butt that’s the reason I wear long cardigans whenever I shimmy into a pair of jeans.

The truth is, the appearance of my butt is partially out of my control. “Genetics is a major component...

2 months ago
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Unleash Your Inner Athlete In Venus Williams's Newest EleVen Activewear Collection

Monday just got a whole lot better. American tennis star Venus Williams is launching the newest EleVen activewear collection today, and it is so good. The best part? You don't have to be even the slightest bit good at tennis to appreciate it. 

The EleVen line may have kicked off in 2012, but we are super excited for the new Starlet collection, which is being released just in time for fall. Blue hues melt into crisp winter white, mimicking the night sky as it transitions from light to dark. Romantic, right?

"When designing this collection, I was inspired by one of my favorite parts of day, right after dusk when the stars and moon first become visible, and the hues of blue settle into the dark night sky," Williams told Health. As a result, her newest...

2 months ago
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How a Rock Climbing Trip Taught Me How to Trust

So there I was—about three-quarters of the way up a 100-foot rock formation in California’s Joshua Tree National Park. I was tired. But more than that, I was pissed off that this one section, which I dubbed “the Crack,” was giving me so much trouble. Below, my crew of strong women was cheering me on. Above me, Savannah Cummins, an adventure photographer and expert climber, was balancing on a rope like a ninja. She was offering me tips while capturing my every move, but with fatigue and frustration setting in, it sounded more like Charlie Brown’s teacher—“whaa-whaa-whaa.”

This particular rock face was nothing like the indoor climbing walls I had practiced on back in New York; it was infinitely harder. You...

2 months ago
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Spartan Race Founder Joe De Sena Does This Body-Weight Workout Every Morning

Joe De Sena isn’t your average fitness guru—you’re much more likely to find him lugging a log through the woods than running on an elliptical. As the founder of Spartan Race, which hosts more than 200 extreme obstacle course events around the country each year, De Sena made his name on unconventional workouts. “I just love carrying heavy things up mountains,” De Sena said. “My workout style is always centered on mobility and flexibility, at its core, so I’m always carrying stuff, hiking with whatever I have.” He’ll crawl, jump, and run in the rain, or channel his past experience working construction by carrying a sheet of plywood up the mountain or a file cabinet up the stairs. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t think there’s...

2 months ago
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