Adidas Just Launched Game of Thrones-Inspired Sneakers—and They're Selling Out Like Crazy

If you've been anxiously counting down the days until the final season premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones, here's something to hold you over until April 14: Adidas just launched a new collection of GOT-inspired colorways on their popular Ultraboost sneaker. In other words, you can now make it clear to everyone in your workout class who you're rooting for to end up on the throne (Jon, obviously, right?).

There are six shoes in the collection, all taking style cues from different noble families in Westeros. House Stark channels the North with gray and black neutrals; Night's Watch has sleek black knit uppers with a contrasting white sole; House Lannister makes a statement with scarlet and gold; and White Walker features cloud white uppers with glowing blue details. House Targaryen comes in two colorways, a dragon-inspired red and black and metallic silver.

Note that only the silver House Targaryen and House Lannister kicks come in women's sizing (the others are unisex, and the brand recommends women size down at least one size).

And like all Ultraboost kicks, they're crazy comfortable, thanks to plenty of plush cushioning, a supportive molded heel cup, and tons of energy return to keep you moving.

All sneakers are sold at select retailers and on for $180. You'll have to act fast, though: Three of the six styles are already sold out.

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3 months ago
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This 10-Minute Resistance Band Ab Workout Will Work Your Entire Core

Resistance band workouts make it easy to strengthen and tone without added impact on your joints. The bands are easy to take with you while traveling, and you can squeeze in a quick workout just about anywhere—even when you’re short on time.

Below and in the video above, find three of my favorite resistance band exercises for your abs. The whole routine will work your core in just 10 minutes, with three minutes working each section of your core and time to reset your bands between movements. Remember to breathe out when the tension in your bands is greatest and breathe in when it is lightest.

Never stretch resistance bands beyond a safe position where it could pull you unexpectedly. Rather, add a second band to increase resistance or change bands to one...

3 months ago
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Fitbit Just Launched Some (More Affordable!) New Trackers

Last week, Fitbit announced that they would be launching new wearables this spring: the Fitbit Versa Lite, Fitbit Inspire, and Inspire HR, as well as the Fitbit Ace 2 for kids. Today, three of those trackers are officially available to purchase for presale on the retailer's website (the Ace 2 will launch later this summer). Here's what you need to know about each of the new models, as well as how they differ from existing Fitbits.

First things first: What are the big changes?

In general, these new Fitbit products aim to make the smartwatches and fitness trackers more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company also announced that they will soon be redesigning the Fitbit app to make it easier to personalize your dashboard and connect with others in the community.


4 months ago
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I Tried Snow-Ga and Don’t Ever Want to Go Back to Regular Yoga

I’m a bit of a yoga hound, I guess you could say. I got my teacher certification 15 years ago, and since then I’ve tried hot yoga that was so hot I thought my heart would explode. I’ve practiced traditional Ashtanga classes and new forms like hip-hop yoga. Wherever I go, from Canada to Nicaragua to the Netherlands, I try to sample the local take on yoga. So when I got the opportunity to try Snow-Ga, aka yoga in the snow, I jumped at the chance.

I arrived for my class at Bristol Mountain in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Mandy Wolfram, of Victor Yoga Studio, had me strap on snowshoes and handed me walking poles. We then set off on the snow-covered trails to find the perfect spot for class: a level clearing amid the trees.

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4 months ago
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