Athleta’s New Performance Underwear Line Is Here, and It’s Incredible

Stop everything you’re doing! One of our all-time favorite fitness brands just launched the collection we’ve been waiting for. That’s right: Athleta dropped a new performance underwear line, and it has us seriously swooning.

If you’ve been searching for practically invisible underwear to wear under yoga tights, look no further than Athleta’s Incognita (bye-bye, VPL!). Designed specifically for yogis, these babies have a back center seam that helps control slippage during poses like downward dog.

The Performa style is moisture-wicking, quick-drying mesh underwear for your most intense workouts, keeping you cool down there while you sweat it out. The Performa is perfect for medium and high-impact workouts, such...

2 months ago
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Hilaria Baldwin Demonstrates a 'Life Changing' Exercise For 'Better Sex' in Her Underwear

Hilaria Baldwin daily workouts are not just about getting her post-baby body in shape — she is also getting her bedroom moves in order too!

The 34-year-old, who welcomed her fourth child with husband Alec Baldwin, 60, in May, posted a video to Instagram Thursday of a workout “EVERYONE MUST DO.”

In the clip, Hilaria can be seen lying on the ground with her legs in the air while wearing a T-shirt and underpants.

“This is life changing. Pelvic floor and lower abs. Reasons to work the pelvic floor: better sex, better control over bladder and  , fitter body (particularly abs), more youthful body, more stamina… for women: easier childbirth and recovery… the list goes on,” Hilaria captioned the post.


2 months ago
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This Is the Lower-Body Move Karlie Kloss Does for Strong, Lean Legs

When it comes to sculpting stellar legs, Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT, has a winning record. Proof: Just look at her star clients, which include Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Karlie Kloss. Lucky for you, the trainer is dishing on two of her favorite moves to sculpt sexy stems: Lateral Lunges and Toe Lifts. “Lateral Lunges are a killer workout that you can do anywhere. No equipment needed,” says Kaiser. “And Toe Lifts work your legs while forcing you to maintain good posture and a strong core—and for you heel-wearers, it stretches the front of your leg and strengthens your calves.” Do each three times a week for tighter, more toned legs.

How to do lateral lunges

Start with feet wider than hip-width apart (A). Step left foot out to side and bend knee....

2 months ago
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