Tight on Workout Space? Try This Body-Weight Circuit for Small Spaces

As the weather warms, it’s easy to start slacking on your workouts—but fitting in exercise is worth it. So we’re here to help with this body-weight routine that can be done in a small space (hello, tiny hotel room). “It involves strength and stability, and gets your heart rate up. Even better, it’s a total body workout you can do in a short time frame,” says Lauren Williams, who created the circuit and is a Health Advisory Board member and co-owner of Health Out Fitness and Lifestyle in Vancouver. Now get to it so you can enjoy that sunshine.

Scissor jumps 

Begin in a staggered stance with knees bent and your left foot in front of the right; bend right arm forward and extend left arm back (A). Swiftly jump up, switching legs in...

5 months ago
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This Woman Is Speaking Up About Why She Finally Stopped Modifying All Her Exercises

Modifications can be super helpful if you're building up to a challenging exercise. Not so helpful? Sticking to modifications when you're ready to progress to a tougher variation. Meg Boggs, who defines herself on Instagram as a wife, mama, writer, creator, and lifter (yas!) opened up about finally realizing that all her modifying was holding her back.

Boggs, who also blogs about motherhood and wellness, shared more about how she got into this rut. The first time she worked out, she threw up and had trouble keeping up with the workout, she explained in the post. As a result, she didn't identify with "fitness." "I couldn’t fit into that category. I had to consider a better fitting category, like 'exercise' or 'weight loss journey' or something that would consider me anything...

5 months ago
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This Woman Is Breaking Down Stereotypes That Yoga Is Only For a Certain Body Type

It may be 2019, but we are still working hard to break down negative stereotypes and build up body positivity. One of those places? Yoga—a practice that is meant to feel accepting and inclusive—is shockingly enough still thought to be reserved for those with specific body types (read: slim, thin, athletic). We chatted with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, an Atlanta-based yogi and Lululemon global ambassador, on how she stays zen and why she’s working hard to bust stereotypes in the yoga world.

What makes you feel strong and powerful?

Studying an intention, goal, or vision and seeing myself committed to it, no matter how scary it is. Once I reach that goal or am in the process of working toward something, that makes me feel really strong.


5 months ago
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