These Running Socks Have More Than 2,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon—and I'm Obsessed

One thing I really love about running (and I love a lot of things about running) is that you don't need a whole lot to do it.

Sure, many of us runners love decking ourselves out from head to toe in fancy gear, from stay-put sunglasses to a high-tech GPS watch to compression sleeves for aching shins. But all you truly need to run are some sneakers and—depending on your parts—a sports bra.

I'm here to add one more thing to that list of running essentials, however: an amazing pair of socks. Fine, shopping for socks may not be as exciting as unboxing a new fitness tracker or slipping on a new pair of leggings. But the perfect pair makes a bigger difference, something I only realized after years of running.


1 month ago
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