If This Marathon With 23 Wine Tastings Doesn't Make You Want to Run, Nothing Will

If your idea of a triathlon consists of an appetizer, entrée, and wine pairing, there’s a marathon in France that should excite your athletic instincts.

The annual Marathon du Médoc is a 26.2-mile race in Bordeaux, France, every September. What makes this particular race interesting is that there are 23 different wines that participants are supposed to try as they make their way through the course. There is at least one break for steak.

The route winds through vineyards, past chateaux, and allows “runners” time to sample cheese, ice cream, and oysters as they race through all 26 miles. Despite the extreme conditions, no contestant has ever died at the Marathon du Médoc. (It perhaps helps that every participant must submit a medical...

1 month ago
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Please Stop Working Out in Your Makeup—Here's Why

Scrolling through our social media feeds, it's not surprising to see our female BFFs and fitness influencers posting workout selfies while—yep—wearing makeup. We understand wanting to hide a daunting pimple or two, but going for a run or hitting the gym in a full face of makeup doesn't seem like the greatest idea for your skin. After all, can a layer of product really allow your skin to breathe as you sweat through your favorite class?

But,what if you work out on your lunch break (we applaud you) and don't want to remove your makeup just to reapply it an hour later? Is it that bad? Well, our experts really, really want you to think twice. Here, dermatologists explain why exercising in makeup is a huge no-no. 


1 month ago
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Can You Lose Weight Just from Your Butt?

No, you’re not imagining it. With almost half-a-million posts on Instagram, #bootygoals is definitely a thing. If you’re already familiar with the peachy pics taking over your social feeds, you’re probably wondering (as we did!) how these stars shaped their glorious glutes.

As always when we have questions, we turned to the experts: certified personal trainers Morgan Olson, founder of Babe Go Lift and Roxie Jones of Tone House. Here's what they had to say about transforming the tush.

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Can you lose weight from just your butt?

The idea behind losing weight from one particular body part is called spot reduction. The thinking goes that you can target specific...

1 month ago
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