7 Fitness Influencers Show How One Small Trick Can Change the Look of Your Butt in Seconds

If you want your behind to look firm and toned in a butt selfie, you could do endless sets of squats and slather on all the anti-cellulite creams in the world. An easier way? Try this two-second butt-enhancing camera trick—the same one fitness influencers turn to when they want to emphasize their backsides.

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It's just another example of the tactics social media stars use to change the way their bodies really look, while convincing you that what you're seeing is real. Take it from these 7 Instagram stars, who are more than willing to let you in on the lie.

Mercedes Bridle

"The left is a photo of me clearly doing an 'instagram' popular pose to make my butt look better. On the right is real life - what happens when I squeeze my bum. OMG CELLULITE - guess what ladies we all have it…"

Sia Cooper

"I would get so upset because I knew I could not look like that all the time. But the truth is, nobody does. A picture is just a split second. We all look different from different angles."

Anna Victoria

"A lot of the booty pics you see on Instagram are flexed, pushed out, back arched so much it actually hurts...I love posing and admiring the “Instagram booty” but that’s not my real booty. And I’m okay with that."

Sara Puhto

"I would get upset and think that because my booty didn’t look like all the other bootys on instagram, it meant that all of a sudden I had an ugly body. But that is not true. We all look different from different angles. We all have different bodies."

Sophie Allen

”Just keepin' it real with y'all #ihavecellulitetoo and it appears when I squeeze my butt & disappears with the simple act of slightly tilting my hips out! Don't ever let instagram take away from your achievements, cause there's a lot of editing, tilting, posing, angles, lighting and all the rest going on.”

Lauren Tickner

”I sometimes still stumble across a photo and think ‘agh, I wish I looked like that…’ BUT, they uploaded that photo for a REASON! They probably took 10000 others and chose that ONE photo.”

Marisa Taylor

“WEDGIE POWER. Couple of minutes "transformation." (So for those who don't understand, not a transformation at all) … Both ways are cool dude, wear em how you want.”

Social media posts clearly don’t reflect a person’s complete reality or appearance. The so-called perfection a social media star achieves is likely due to a filter, a specific angle, or hiked-up undies lifting up their butt cheeks. And the photo itself might be one of dozens of takes.

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The 8 Best Lower Ab Exercises for That Hard to Tone Spot

You’ve probably heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen.” But that's really only partly true. While a healthy diet goes a long way toward uncovering your six-pack (it's in there … somewhere), you’ve got to put in work at the gym (or studio!) too. And when it comes to developing a rippling core, the lower abs might be the toughest zone to sculpt.

“This is an area many women want to target,” says trainer Susanna Kalnes, who teaches fitness classes at Studiomix in San Francisco. “I get asked by many of my students how to flatten this area of the body.”

Below, Kalnes and trainer pal Kristi Williams, who teaches fitness classes at XSport Fitness in Chicago, share their picks for the best lower...

3 weeks ago
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These Leggings With Pockets for Your Gun Have the Internet Up in Arms

We’re all about comfy workout pants with enough pocket space to hold our essentials during a gym session or outdoor run. But one athleisure brand didn’t exactly have a wallet and lip balm in mind when they put these pocketed yoga pants on the market.

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These $99 high-rise leggings have nine pockets—which the manufacturer suggests can be used to stash your knife or gun while you burn calories and build muscle.

“While big name athletic companies shy away from promoting one’s second amendment right and certainly have never built in the ability to do so, Alexo will never back down from supporting a woman’s...

3 weeks ago
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Emily Skye Says She’s "Getting Stronger" in a Post-Baby Body Photo Showing Loose Skin

Fitness influencer Emily Skye is enjoying her post-pregnancy workout regimen with her “cutest training buddy ever.” In a mirror selfie with her three-month-old daughter Mia, Skye shared her progress since giving birth.

“Some people might think my progress is due to my genetics or because of breastfeeding but I can tell you it’s got a LOT to do with hard work and consistency!” she captioned the photo, which shows her loose skin. “All those midnight workouts I did after Mia fell asleep and eating healthy meals from my FIT Program are getting me great results.”

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She goes on to share that she's getting stronger and leaner and is in good...

3 weeks ago
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The Only Dumbbell Exercises You’ll Ever Need

There are hundreds of ways you can use weights to ramp up your workouts. But many basic moves target just one group of muscles, such as the biceps or triceps. Save time by doing complex moves—ones that target multiple areas of your body. “A handful of creative moves can cut your workout time by a lot while increasing your strength and coordination,” says Alain Aguilar, MA, a lecturer in exercise and sports science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

To get started, try this workout, designed by Aguilar. The moves call for three-, five-, and 10-pound dumbbells, but you can also work with whatever weights you have available. Do this sequence two to three times a week. Start with one set of each move. As you get stronger, do up to four rounds...

3 weeks ago
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Shay Mitchell’s Core Move Looks Like a Plank But Works Her Entire Body

Shay Mitchell is back in the gym with another heart-pumping full-body workout.

The 30-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a couple snippets from her gym session with her trainer "J" (@j.crvz on Instagram) on Tuesday. She started with a TRX pike up to split move, which involved starting in a straight-arm plank with her feet in a TRX suspension training system.

Health senior fitness editor Rozalynn S. Frazier says to perform this move, you need to keep your core tight and lift your hips up so your body forms an upside down “V” as you open your legs as wide as possible. This challenging move tests your balance and stability while also working your arms, core, and legs.

Mitchell's second move was a series...

4 weeks ago
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