15 Hip Stretches Literally Every Body Will Benefit From

If you've got a pair of hips, there's a really good chance they've felt "tight" once or twice (or uh, maybe even right this second). And you're not alone: “I hear people complain about tightness in their hips during every single [personal training] session,” says Lauren Kanski, NASM-CPT, personal trainer and coach at Performix House in New York City. “Multiple times, every single day, it’s the most common area people ask for help on besides their lower back.”

The reason? We all tend to spend a majority of the day sitting down—in the car, at your desk, on the couch—and staying off your feet plays a major role in this type of tightness. That's because that seated posture means your hips hold a flexed (or shortened) position all day, which can make moving afterward—even just standing up—feel tough. Stretching out your hip muscles, as well as moving regularly throughout the day, can help ease stiff hips and ward off pain and injury.

But even if you don’t feel tight, it’s important to tend to your hips, especially if you feel stressed. “We store a lot of stress and emotions in our hips,” Kanski explains. “We transfer energy between the upper part of the body and the lower part of the body to function and move, and the hips are the primary transfer point of that energy.” Sometimes, opening up the hips can even alleviate some overall tension and perk up your energy levels.

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To keep your hips healthy, show ‘em some TLC every day. Kanski suggests you stretch them out after you wake up in the morning, before your workouts, and before you head to bed. But even more important: stretching our hips out before and after a workout. Keep stretches active or dynamic when warming up before your workout—that means only holding for a few seconds and moving in and out of the pose. Go for passive or static stretches to cool down after a sweat, holding each position for about 30 seconds. The stretches below, shared with Health by Kanski, are a mixture of both—one through eight are dynamic stretches to keep things moving, while stretches nine through 15 are meant for when you finally slow things down. 

1. Adductor Rock Back

Start in a tall kneeling position on the floor. Extend one leg straight out to the side, keeping foot flat on the floor. Place both hands on the ground, about one to two feet in front of bent knee and rotate foot of extended leg so it faces inward. Keeping your spine long, push hips back toward heel. Then, return to starting position. Perform three sets of 10 rock backs on each side. Kneel on a pillow, folded blanket, or yoga mat if needed.

2. Quadruped Hip Half Circles

Start on hands and knees, shoulders over wrists and knees under hips. Extend right leg behind you. Create a counterclockwise circle with knee, bringing it to right arm. Try to keep hips level and knee bent 90 degrees. Complete the half-circle by extending right leg behind you again. Repeat for a total of three to five reps. Do three sets per side.

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3. Spiderman Lunge

Start in a high-plank position with hands directly under shoulders. Bend right knee to step right foot forward, just outside right hand. Keep left leg extended and abs tight. Step right foot back to plank and pause. Repeat. Do three sets of five lunges per side.

4. Squat-to-Stand

Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Soften knees and bend forward at waist to reach hands to toes. Once hands reach toes, or as close as possible, bend knees to squat down. In your squat position, keep your elbows on the inside legs and use them to gently push knees apart. Lift chest, pause, then straighten legs and re-fold forward to return to starting position. Do three sets of five reps.

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5. Walking Lateral Lunges

Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. Step right foot wider than hip width and bend right knee to sit hips down and back. Keep opposite leg straight with toes pointing forward. Press through the floor away with right foot to return to starting position, left foot meeting right. Do three sets of 10 lunges per leg.

6. High Knees

Start standing. Drive right knee up to hip-height and drive the opposite arm forward, elbow bent 90 degrees. Immediately place right foot back down and drive left knee up. Then step it down. Repeat. Stay light on your feet and continue alternating for 10 reps per side. Do three sets.

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7. Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor, hip-width apart. Engage abs and push into the floor with heels to lift hips so knees, hips and shoulders align. Squeeze glutes to the top of the movement, then slowly lower hips back down to the floor. Do three sets of 10 reps.

8. Lateral Band Walk

Loop a small resistance band around legs slightly above ankles. Stand tall with feet about hip-width apart. Soften knees and take a small step to the side with one foot. Then, slowly follow with opposite foot so feet are hip-width apart again. Avoid leaning to the side as you step and prevent lead knee from collapsing inward; knee should stay over ankle the entire time. Do three sets of 10-15 steps per side.

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9. 90/90 Hip Stretch

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor in front of you. Place both hands behind you, shift knees to the right, and lay both shins on the floor, keeping knees bent 90 degrees. Right shin should be in front of body, and left shin to the left of body. Keep chest tall. Lean forward at waist to deepen the stretch. Hold here for 30 seconds before returning your knees to center and shifting them to the left, bringing both shins to the floor and keeping knees bent 90 degrees. Do three sets of 30-second holds per side.

10. Pigeon Pose

Start in a high plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Then, bring right knee forward toward right wrist. Lay shin flat on the floor, parallel to chest. Keep left leg extended. Hold for 30 seconds. Lean forward at the waist to deepen the stretch. Then switch sides. Do three sets of 30-second holds per side.  

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11. Child’s Pose

Start on hands and knees. Then, spread knees wide while allowing big toes to touch. Sit back into hips to rest butt on heels. Inhale and sit up straight to lengthen spine through the crown of your head. On an exhale, fold forward at the waist, allowing chest to rest between or on top of thighs, and bring forehead to the floor. Keep arms extended in front of you with palms on the floor. Keep butt touching heels. Hold here. Do three sets of 30-second holds.

12. Couch Stretch

Start in a half-kneeling position, right foot forward and knees bent 90 degrees. Place the top of left foot on a couch, chair, or bench behind you. Hands can go on hips or on front knee. With chest tall, gently press hips forward and hold for 30 seconds. Do three sets of 30-second holds per side. 

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13. Frog Stretch

Start on hands and knees. Spread knees slightly wider than hip-width apart but keep feet in place and turn the toes outward. Then, come down onto forearms and keep spine straight as you try to “spread the floor” with knees and sit hips back toward heels. Hold here. Do three sets of 30-second holds.

14. Supine Figure-Four Stretch

Lie flat on back with legs extended. Extend arms out to the sides and flat on the floor. Bring right knee toward chest and grab with left hand. Gently pull knee across body, making sure right shoulder stays flat on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Do three sets of 30-second holds per side. Place a yoga block, pillow or folded blanket under bent knee for support, if needed.

15. Half-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Start in a half-kneeling position, right foot forward and both knees bent 90 degrees. Place hands on front thigh for support. Tuck hips forward and pull belly button toward spine. Then, rock forward gently without un-tucking hip or rounding back. Hold for 30 seconds. Do three sets of 30-second holds per side.

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