I Tried Khloe Kardashian's New Activewear Line, and Here's What I Thought

If a Kardashian decided to come out with a line of kitchen tools, it would inevitably have a waiting list a mile long, not to mention the frenzy that ensues any time the famous clan posts about a "secret project." The latest in the mix? Khloe's new collection of activewear from her size-inclusive denim brand Good American—and I was lucky enough to try it before it made its way to the masses.

The 22 piece collection—called Performance—drops today, and includes tops, bras, leggings, hoodies, jackets, and jumpsuits in a mix of black and white fabrics with glossy and matte finishes. All pieces are designed for sizes XS to 4X (they refer to them as size 0-7, respectively). The line also features next-level features such as four-way...

2 weeks ago
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5 Next-Level Push-Up Variations for Anyone Up for a Challenge

Push-ups are a classic, zero-equipment exercise with a whole lot of perks like serious chest, shoulder, triceps, and core gains–not to mention a visibly toned upper-body. Strengthening those muscles can help decrease symptoms like back pain, poor posture, and even not-so-perky breasts. But doing the same mighty, multi-tasking exercise over and over again can get a little boring.

Luckily, push-up variations abound. “Once you’ve mastered the basic push-up, incorporating different push-up variations will help engage and strengthen different parts of your body,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Laura Miranda, also a doctor of physical therapy and the creator of PURSUIT. Some will work your biceps or triceps more, while others...

2 weeks ago
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